Where does Coaching fit into your development strategy? 

Whether you are looking for coaching for yourself or for the leaders in your organization, coaching provides the opportunity to accelerate leadership development. Top workplace behavioral trends suggest that leadership agility and resiliency are at the heart of successful organizations. Coaching provides the unique opportunity for personalized learning, growth and development when and where it is needed: this individual growth and change has a significant impact on leader, team and organizational development. Leaders who succeed at work enhance overall performance and provide the competitive edge needed for organizational ecosystems to adapt and thrive. When you are ready to take your leadership to the next level, Individual Differences is here for you.

Coaching can make the difference between knowing change is possible and actually achieving it
— Jean Stetz-Puchalski, Individual Differences at Work

Individual Differences at Work — professional coaching  services since 2001.  ICF Credentialed Coaches with more than 2500 hours of client experience.

Jean is an objective coach with strengths in listening, coaching to extract and capitalize on key leadership competencies, and developing behavioral responses and skills to overcome weaknesses. By working with industry evaluation tools, such as the Hogan and MSCEIT, and talking to the client about their needs and challenges, Jean professionally uses all inputs to help clients work towards change.
— Denise Hebner, Chief Administrative Officer
Jean Stetz-Puchalski helped me identify my strengths and core competencies, as well as those behaviors getting in the way of my effectiveness as a business owner and leader. She provided excellent coaching in a well defined framework from which I could leverage my hard-earned small business acumen. Jean has an uncanny ability to cut right to the heart of self-imposed frustrations. She is a gifted listener; Jean heard the subtext and identified opportunities for growth and development I had never considered. Thanks to our working together, I’m achieving career goals that play to my strengths with renewed confidence and a more balanced perspective both in and out of work.
— Andrea Kerin, Advocates and Special Gifts Officer
Jean is a wonderful person to work with, she has been an incredible touch point for me from the day I met her. Her guidance and development with emotional intelligence and leadership have helped me navigate difficult situations, providing a solid foundation to build upon. To this day I know I can reach out to Jean and she will provide support and knowledge to learn and grow.
— Erick Dustin, Business Development Manager
... Jean was able to assist the coachee with dramatic behavior changes and improvements in their communications in just a few short months. The coachee’s boss was very pleased with her work and will likely hire Jean for additional work. Jean is extremely thorough, high-energy and willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy client needs, even if it goes a little beyond the contract arrangement. She is a pleasure to work with and always positive and upbeat. I would not hesitate to hire Jean for future coaching or other organization development and training work.
— Diane Kubal, Talent Alignment Consultant + Founder