OASIS in the Overwhelm™. How 60 Second Strategies increase your focus, effectiveness, and happiness at work.

Araewness- mindfulness, meditation -- organization are regcogniing the benefit of supporing thier employees with tools to help them engage. Thast is focus and be presnt to the possiilities, goalsm talks and  in fornt of them deal well with the distratcuons that surround us at work. Competing deadlines,  Stress and distratction result from these very real obstacles to focus, effectivesness and happiness.  

John Kabat Zinn in his ook Whjereever you go tere you are, points to Hnery David Thpours choice to step into the woods for 2 1/2 years to disciver the power of awarness, mediatation and mindfulness.  T

Research suggests that those who meditate have shorter trigger eposiodes and .... 

With all of this data and suggested impact, can you or your porganizatio afoord to ingnore the beneofts of training in mindfulness and meditation. Chcek out  our AOT training  

Join us on feb 22  for the OASOS AOT training  and accelerate your ability to manage stress, increse your focus and effectiveness at work -- 

If you are a leader, coach